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Dance Spirit

The Dance Spirit is in you

1/24/06 03:56 pm - dancinggirl1928 - Dance

yeaaaaaaaaaaaa i have dance today!!!!!!!! JUMP IN 32 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow thats alot!!!!!!!!!!!

1/6/06 06:27 pm - dancinggirl1928 - Dance Team

Omg since the holiday break is over. Tomorrow I have dance team! And when I get home I'll be sooooooo sore! Okay maybe then a should work out so i wouldn't be sooo sore.

1/2/06 11:29 am - dancinggirl1928 - Dance

Give me a chance to look forward to sayin' "hey listen they're playin' my song!"

where do you dance? Janices Dance Studio
are you a better turner/jumper? i don't take ballet
do you have all your splits? nope gettin closer
do you compete? yes
if yes...what are your competion numbers? i don't know
how many pirouettes can you do on your best side? on my my right i can do 3 or 2.
how many recital dances are you in this year? 7
(or how many classes do you take) 7
why is dance important to you? dance is like oxygen, dance lifts us up where we belong, all you need is dance.

& POST a picture of you dancing (if you can)
if not thats okay.

Maybe later, when I have a little bit more patience...

7/14/05 09:47 pm - dancinggirl1928 - Yo

Did you hear that the Labrador Retrievers are the TOP DOG? So my dog is the TOP!!! YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For more imformation go to www.msn.com. Its soooooooooo cool!!!!!
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